Monday, August 18, 2014

Coffee Table Decor

We have a large rustic coffee table in our home which my boyfriend built. It's about 40 inches wide and desperately needs centerpieces and decor to cover up all that dark wood. Below I have some photos from my home which shows how arranging colorful decor the right way can make your coffee table beautiful and liven up your home!

I love to start off decorating my coffee table with a centerpiece. My centerpiece right now is my Anthropologie vase. (Since I actually staged it with two different decorating ideas). You can always add faux florals, but nothing comes close to a fresh bouquet of flowers. I used hydrangeas that I found for about $5.99 at Trader Joes. I love the neutral look which helps showcase and highlight all the other pieces. Everything else I picked as a decor complimented my central piece (my vase). I purchased some blue coasters, and kept my candles simple with white, gold, and a hint of turquoise so it didn't look over-cluttered with color overload! Note to self: Clutter is the ultimate enemy

The second photo includes more color. I'm really into blue, gold, white, and different shades of pink. I love the vintage look of gold with a touch of femininity of pink. The flowers were a gift from my boyfriend and were $9.99 from Whole Foods. As for the candles, I kept those more neutral to focus attention on the flowers and teapot. Now... the teapot. Seems like an odd choice, I know. It was given to me by my friend Jeni, and I never want to use it because it is such an awesome decoration piece. The white and gold chevron print really compliments the vintage, cottage chic look.

The remaining two images are actually ones I found on the web highlighting ways to decorate coffee table books and decorative trays. I just started my coffee table book collection, but websites such as offers great sales to allow you to stock up!

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