Saturday, June 27, 2015

6 Days of Summer Outfits

So happy it's the weekend! Below is a quick Instagram round up of six days worth of outfits. A lot of them are work outfits (since that is where I spend most of my time... but I added a super cute floral matching shorts and blouse set - in love!)

I have bought all the drapey pants Banana Republic has to offer. These green ones are so perfect for summer! For those who are afraid to wear color, especially green, I have some great way to match it.

1. Navy (of course - as seen below) - I wore my outfit with a peter pan collar shirt and my favorite Tory Burch navy cardigan. Navy is a perfect combination with green.
2. Leopard - Leopard goes with so many colors yet people often think it only matches with neutrals only. Green and leopard mixed is the perfect combination. 
3. Black and White/Cream - Very common and very sleek. These colors match with everything and green is no exception!

Cardigan  Tory Burch: Navy Cardigan (similar)
Pumps  Nine West: Flax Pumps (similar)

Going nautical is a typical once a week look for me. This is a pretty simple outfit from LOFT and J Crew Factory. Navy and red is a classic combination that looks great with everything and anything.

Shirt  LOFT: Patterned Tank (similar)

I love this Burberry shirt. Trick of the trade: it's actually a boys size 14. Being petite and small, I often wear children designer wear. It's so much cheaper than the adult version and no one can ever tell! It's a little tough to button the buttons since men/boys shirts have them on opposite sides.. but the price is so worth it.

Love my tassel necklace! Jazzes up any outfit. I tried to keep this outfit neutral from the most part with a touch of light blue. I feel like this blue is the perfect summer color!

Cardigan  Ann Taylor: Camel Cardigan (similar)
Shoes  Nine West: Flax Pumps (similar)

Favorite outfit of the week alert! I am obsessed with matching sets. Crop tops, shirts, skirts, shorts, you name it... This isn't 100% matching, but I love mixing patterns (if you couldn't tell), and especially floral! I got this entire outfit from ZARA and they are all on SALE!

More Clover Canyon for the summer! They have a lot of neoprene/spandex dresses, but they also have a lot of light dresses that hold up well in the summer heat. Paired with my Tory Burch crossbody (turned clutch)... take off the cardigan and this outfit transforms from day to night.

Dress  Clover Canyon: Floral Dress (similar)

Saturday, June 20, 2015

7 Days of Outfits!

At last, my outfit round-up for the week! 7 days of work and casual attire. A lot of these outfits are older and from last season, so I will try to my best to post similar styles.

My first outfit is from one my favorite spring/summer designer; Yumi Kim. You can buy some her items in department stores and local boutiques. This dress is from last season, but I love florals and tan mixed together. It looks very country/western and matches so well. The sandals were the biggest steal ever! $25 Kate Spade Saturday cognac heels. Got them from TJ Maxx.. I assume they were liquidation leftovers. 

Dress Yumi Kim: Floral Dress (similar)
Belt  H&M: Tan Belt (similar)

I mix coral and navy on the reg. These pants are super old and show up during the fall and winter months on J Crew Factory. I would keep searching to see when they pop up. Meanwhile, I linked a similar pair (more orange) but would look equally as nice! 

More drapey pants appearances! These olive ones look awesome with leopard and black sandals. It's dramatic with the pattern, but a great outfit to wear to work or to convert it into a night time outfit.

I really wish I could find this long cardigan again. I bought it 4 years ago from Ann Taylor in about three different colors. They are so soft and comfortable. I linked a similar long cardigan, but the color is a tad darker. Most of the rest of the pieces are sold out, but this outfit can be recreated to be pretty similar!

Cardigan  Ann Taylor: Blue Cardigan (similar)

I bought these shorts yesterday for Ivy & Leo at downtown (uptown) Charlotte. I can't really link it, but I recommend calling the Ivy & Leo's around you or the one in Charlotte to see if they have these shorts available. It's a pull on and incredibly comfortable! I love pattern mixing, so this is another example on where you don't have to thoroughly think it through. Just mix the colors and the patterns will follow.

Shirt  LOFT: Striped Blouse (similar)
Necklace  LOFT: Necklace (similar)
Shorts  Ivy & Leo: Navy Shorts (call in store)

Love black and pink! This top came in the mail earlier this week and has already been sold out. So strange! (UPDATE: FOUND IT!) The pink skirt is also from last season, but Zara always has similar items. I think I bought this one on sale for about $20. 

Skirt  ZARA: Pink Mini Skirt (similar)
Necklace  J Crew: Statement Necklace (similar)
Pumps  LK Bennett: Shilo Pumps (similar)

More pattern mixing! Stripes and Floral! J Crew Factory has great floral shorts. These are from a year ago, but similar floral prints are available everywhere. If you are new to mixing patterns, I recommend mix patterns with stripes. Great combination and looks amazing all the time.

Shorts  J Crew Factory: Floral Shorts (similar)
Tank  J Crew: Navy Drapey Tank (similar)
Sandals  Tory Burch: Effie Sandal (similar)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Outfit for Days! (.....and this week)

How is everyone surviving the heat? It has been crazy down here. Times like these, I wish I just lived up north.

My round-up this week has basically everything! Pattern mixing, crop tops, matching sets, work attire, neons... you name it!

The outfit below is actually my favorite this week. I found these items in my closet, and thought, why not mix these together. I love mixing different patterns. It limits the need for heavy accessories, but looks so put together. My top is actually an old Mara Hoffman from last season. I am obsessed with all of her clothing. Her and Clover Canyon really win with prints. I paired it with my favorite Banana Republic drapey pants. It felt so comfortable to wear all day for work and great after work as well! Since both the tank and the pants had some black mixed in with the prints, I thought it really brought the outfit together.

Purse  Tory Burch: City Messenger (similar)

This cobalt tank is from LOFT. They really hit the mark with nice tanks. Not to mention a lot of their clothing always go on sale! I paired it with some white pants and gladiator heels. 

I mixed in a lot of my favorite bracelets to jazz it up for a night out on the own. My Rebecca Minkoff crossbody seems to be in everyone's closet these days. I absolutely love this color and the studs on the bottom. It's so trendy, yet boho chic. It's also on sale! Great steal!

Bracelets  Forever 21: Bracelet Set (similar)

Perfect conservative work attire! The grey ankle pants are actually my favorite style (sloan) from Banana Republic. Pair with a cream top, sweater (or blazer), and a great pendant necklace.

Clover Canyon strikes! again. Like I said, they have great prints! A lot of garden, outdoor prints...but also mixed with tons of florals! My favorite!

The outfits run a little pricey, but I usually wait for a sale (SAKS, Clover Canyon, Revolve Clothing, Neimans... on occasion, all have this brand on sale) I wore this dress with my fuchsia pumps from Barneys. Perfectly matched!

The best part of this outfit is that you don't need crazy accessories. The printed dress speaks for itself, and the hot pink pumps are your accessory. Sometimes there is no need to go overboard! The outfit really speaks for itself.

Dress  Clover Canyon: Print Dress (sold out)
Shoes  Barneys NY: Fuschia Pumps (similar)

Neons are so much fun during the summer! I got these trousers from J Crew Factory on super sale. They look awesome paired with cobalt, hot pink, black, etc... I paired this outfit with leopard pumps. It may look a little crazy, but the leopard to me actually acts as more of a neutral with this outfit.

Blouse  JCrew Factory: Cobalt Blouse (similar)

Monday night I went to the Taylor Swift concert. It was amazing! I know she's a super fan of crop tops, so I decided to wear my favorite crop top outfit.

Which brings me to my second obsession, matching sets! I love matching sets these days. Tops with skirts or shorts with the same print look so great all throughout the year! This outfit is from Bloomingdales and is incredibly comfortable! Since I'm 5'1'', the crop top doesn't "crop" till I raise my arms, etc... but it's still super cute (and super slimming)

Sandals  Tory Burch: Effie Sandal (similar)

Last outfit of the week is my Lilly Pulitzer summer go-to dress. I throw this on for almost all occasions. It's actually a "big girl" XL. Sometimes being petite has it's perks. However, it's still a little short on me, so I wouldn't really wear it to work. It can also function as a great beach cover-up. 

Sandals  Tory Burch: Effie Sandal (similar)
Dress  Lilly Pulitzer Girls: Leaf Dress (old season)

Saturday, June 6, 2015

5 Days of Fashion!

Sorry for the delay in posting outfit details. I have been so busy at work, that I just have not had the time. 

My first dress is an old Lilly Pulitzer dress. I really can't find it anywhere since these prints sell out so quick. However, Lilly has some great prints for the summer. Some of the prints are a little childish for my tastes, but they have great solid colors and some more muted prints. 

Dress  Lilly Pulitzer: Dress (sold out)

I absolutely love gingham prints. It's so masculine typically, so I love the shift to it being more feminine. This outfit is pretty simple. All black with a pop of light blue gingham. Wearing my favorite staple pants and wedges. I am telling you, these are the most comfortable wedges and pants I own!

I love a pop of color to any outfit! The Limited has great blazers (pink, turquoise, etc...). Great price and so versatile. My favorite part of this outfit is actually my new Kate Spade flats. I have been been looking for black flats forever! 

My favorite pair of flats were my Marc by Marc Jacobs flats... of course they are discontinued (anyone from Marc Jacobs reading... BRING THEM BACK). These ones below are actually pretty comfortable thurs far. The back of my feet hurt initially, but breaking them in will help tremendously!

Coral and Navy is such a great combo! It's so nautical, which is why I decided to wear my tassel rope necklace. The outfit is pretty simple, yet so professional. J Crew Factory really brings it with petite work dresses!

Blazer  Banana Republic: Navy Blazer (similar)

New obsession for life: drapey pants. I am so obsessed! They are like wearing leggings or pajamas to work, yet still looking professional. I am on the hunt to find drapey pants from other retailers. It's just hard to find petite one (petite problems). I highly recommend these!

Ring  H&M: White Ring (similar)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Instagram Round Up - 3 Days of Work Fashion

Long time since an update! Since I will be on vacation this weekend to see my parents, I figured it was best to post my Instagram round up! 

I really wish I can find this dress I wore Monday online, but it was only available at my local Banana Republic store. The necklace is also sold out entirely! Piperlime went out of business... so unfortunately I have no idea where to find this. I linked to Baublebar as an alternative.

I love the classiness of a black/grey dress. It's so timeless. I know a lot of people don't want to wear color. If that is you, just invest in a lot of black, grey and white. It will never go out of style and is always classy.

Necklace  Piperlime: Pearl Necklace (similar)

J Crew Factory had amazing Memorial Day sales. I bought a ton of stuff, but mainly bought two gingham printed button downs. This one is in a pale green, but I also bought a pink one (will be worn soon). I am just obsessed with gingham. 

I really think with DVF, this has become the print of the summer! Not only that... but it's SUPER work appropriate! 

I wish my flats were still available. I will tell you guys, Marc by Marc Jacobs flats are literally the most comfortable pair of flats ever made. I have tried Tory Burch, Ferragamo, etc... and these are my favorite. Unfortunately, my black ones been worn to death, so I am trying to take better care of my tans flats.

My favorite outfit this week! The craze these days are drapey pants. They have an elastic band and are made out of a silky fabric. You can buy them from Banana Republic, J Crew, etc...

I am so obsessed with these! With my new job I really can't pull off the "leggings looks"anymore... This is now my version of leggings. I am about to order the black and green. They literally feel like pajamas, but look so chic!

Shoes  Nine West: Flax Pumps (similar)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Cobalt & Black

I love cobalt & black as much as I love cobalt & white. It's a great color combo. I wore this outfit two ways. One with peeped-toe booties and one with sandals.

My favorite piece to this outfit is my pineapple ring! Isn't is cute? Pineapples seem to be a continuous trend these days. I love adding a bit of color with this ring and my staple Kendra Scott Rayne necklace.

Shorts  J Crew Factory: Cobalt Shorts (similar)
Shoes  Nine West: Peep-Toe Booties (similar)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Recipe: Kale and Apple Salad

My boyfriend has started his annual garden. Filled with herbs and growing vegetables. This year we are trying tuscan kale. Right now, we had enough to harvest to make this amazing salad. Is it weird that fresh vegetables from the garden taste so much better?!

This recipe is so simple, yet so flavorful!


1 medium granny smith apple, stripped with a mandolin or julienne peeler
10-15 kale leaves, sliced long (medium sized)
1 handful of roughly diced walnuts or pecans


2 tbs olive oil
1 tbs apple cider vinegar
1 small lemon, juiced

Add the kale and apple in a large bowl. Add a pinch of salt and mix. Add all the dressing ingredients in a bowl, mix with a whisk, and add to the salad. Toss and then add some freshly cracked pepper! Top with pecans and/or walnuts. I love the extra crunch it gives!