Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday Shopping - Tricks

So I am sure everyone has either begun or almost finished with holiday shopping. For those who have not yet, time to get on the ball!

I start shopping for the holiday around the summertime and keep an eye out on constant deals and sales. The worst thing is having to pay full price, so noting the trends of sales pertaining to your favorite brand is very useful.

Here are some tricks I use for online shopping (I stress online, because for those who work for a living, it's just easier to shop online):

1. Stalk retailer websites: For items you are interested in (and know they wont sell out), try to visit the website everyday before the holidays to get a feel on how low an item can go. Once you note that, you can then ascertain whether or not a "sale" is actually worth your time

2. Surprise Sales: Kate Spade and Tory Burch are notorious for private/surprise sales. Kate Spade actually has one right now! Make sure you follow these brands via Facebook and join their Mailing List. It's almost foolish to purchase these brands full price, because there is always a sale around the corner

3. Friend and Family: Many department stores and retailers participate in a friends & family event where you can get up to 25% off your order. I know Bloomingdale's, Saks and Shopbop have a few throughout the year. Make sure you sign up on that mailing list as well.

4. Never buy anything full price: Do your research! If there is a particular item you want; Google it! Chances are, that same item may be cheaper elsewhere (with free shipping and less sales tax). That is usually why I am so against impulse purchases. Why pay anything full price when it'll go on sale anyways?

5. Tiny and Petite? Try kids clothing! For a lot of designer brands, I end up buying kid sizes. It's so much cheaper and fits the same. You can do this for clothing and shoes! So if you are a size XXS or XS/ size 5 or 6 in women's shoes.... look at kid brands. I know people who are notorious in purchasing the girls Uggs and Hunter boots.

Well I hope this is helpful to all you holiday shoppers!

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