Monday, December 1, 2014

Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

I love rustic Christmas decor. Even more so, decorating all my presents with a theme. I posted a photo on Instagram with a few of my presents that are already wrapped (see below). I wanted to share with you some photo ideas (courtesy of highlighting great rustic techniques.

1. I usually go to Target and buy the mailing wrapping paper in brown. It's so durable and a blank canvas. You can really do whatever you want with this. Some ideas: use christmas stamps or paint holiday colored polka dots. 

2. Twine and Burlap. Your local hardware store sells these for cheap... or you can go to Michaels and use their 40% off coupon and purchase some. I use twine to wrap around my gift tags or just for general wrapping.

3. Ribbons! Michaels has a ton of ribbons on sale throughout the holiday. I try to stay within a certain theme (ie rustic this year), so I recommend buying ribbons that go together (ie same color & design family)

4. Wreath Accessories: You know when you go to Michaels and they have all these toppers and accessories for wreaths? Well I just use them as gift toppers! They look so chic and pretty.

5. Plaid and Tartan: I am clearly obsessed with all things plaid and tartan during the fall and winter. Clothing, scarves, and now gift wrapping. I mix and match my brown paper with tartan and plaid. It just ties together so well (especially if you use burlap/twine as your ribbon) Or you can use plaid as a ribbon (whatever you want!)

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