Saturday, December 13, 2014

Pad Thai Saturday!

So I found this amazing Pad Thai Recipe on Bon Appetit. So naturally, my boyfriend and I headed 35 minutes the opposite direction to the Asian Market to get all our ingredients to make this for dinner. It's my first time making Pad Thai but this is an excellent base recipe. We added basil, snow peas, etc.... just because we love extra veggies... and subbed in chicken instead of shrimp. You add more spice like us or just keep it simple! We used chili paste.

Update: We realized we had the Pok Pok Cookbook which we purchased earlier this year during our Memorial Day trip to NYC. There is actually a Pok Pok near the NYU campus which has amazing pad thai and drinking vinegar! (Don't knock it till you try it). If you live around the area or are visiting and enjoy thai food, I highly recommend it! Reasonable price and fantastic food!! We ended up cooking up a Pok Pok Bon Appetit Hybrid recipe.

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