Thursday, January 15, 2015

Brand Spotlight: Nubian Heritage

So last night I had my weekly dinner with some of my girlfriends. After dinner, we headed to our local "Healthy Home Market" just to browse. During, I ran into the brand Nubian Heritage. Body lotions and hand creams always grab my attention, especially during the winter months.

Do your hands and skin get as dry as mine?! It's awful! So of course I'm sampling like 10 different scents (scent obsessed over here!) but noticed right away how my skin instantly had moisture! The Olive Oil & Green Tea smelt the best to me at the time (at that point I needed some coffee beans.. I was going through scent overload!) I used it last night and my skin still feels so soft.

I did some research on the brand today and they are just amazing! They are heavily involved in communities all over to raise awareness for poverty, hunger, etc.... The company had humble beginnings in Harlem and now have blown up!

You can buy their stuff at any organic/healthy grocery store (Earth Fare, Publix, Whole Foods, even Amazon). They use ingredients to help skin retain moisture yet still nourish.

I love the organic nature of this product and the community involvement of this company!

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