Friday, January 23, 2015

Brands Spotlight: Athletic Wear

I am obsessed with workout clothing. For someone who works fives days a week and has to dress well everyday, I enjoy my downtime during the weekend with the ability to wear athletic-wear out and about. I love Lululemon workout gear, but I always enjoy finding alternatives (less expensive brands) that provide close to what Lululemon gives to their customer. Here are some my favorites:

1. RBX: You can find these at any Marshalls or TJ Maxx. They cost about $14.99 a pair and have amazing fun patterns for yoga crop pants. I rate this 3/5 stars only because the fabric is a little slippery. I prefer mine to feel like it's part of my body and just really soft. Although as far as working out, I bet this fabric is great for a sweaty endurance-filled workout.

2. 90 Degrees Flex: This may be one of my favorite brand for the price! They cost about $14.99 a pair and can be purchased at any Marshalls and TJ Maxx. I am obsessed with wunder under crops from Lululemon and their crops and tank quality somewhat resemble Lululemon. Of course, the quality isn't as superior, but you also aren't paying $72-$102 per pant. I recently got a pair  and they are so soft and comfortable. You really can't beat the price! update: can be bought on

3. Zella: This is Nordstrom's brand for workout gear. It's amazing!! The crops are great quality. They run for about $58 and come in pant and crop form. I'd say these and the Fabletics MOST closely resemble Lululemon (if that is your benchmark for best quality workout gear)

4. Fabletics: Kate Hudson's line (Fabletics) is fantastic! The only downfall is I wish I could buy their stuff without having to subscribe. You can always "defer" for as many months as you want, but I really don't want to commit myself to remember to do so. You get your first outfit for $25 when you sign up, which is a steal!! The quality is actually comparable to Athletica and Lululemon and not as expensive.