Saturday, October 25, 2014

Brand Spotlight: Whole Spice (Napa Valley)

I recently had a fantastic trip up to Napa Valley. Of course the wine and amazing food stands out to most people... for me.. it was the spices at the renowned Oxbow Market!

The market itself is just amazing and offers everything from Michelin Nodded Restaurants, to juices bars, olive oil and the most divine cream puffs I have ever encountered! Although, around the corner and across from a gelato shop was Whole Spice. Whole Spice is a spice shop with tons of organic spices in various large containers. I literally spent about $50 getting an ounce of everything I could. I went overboard knowing I may not be back again. However, at the checkout line, a very nice lady told me that they had an online presence and you can purchase these spices on there. I about died from excitement.

Anyways, this weekend I ventured onto their website and she was right! Regretfully you can't really buy an ounce of spice like I could at the market, but the prices are still just as reasonable as the grocery store. Right now, you get 20% off you order and free shipping over $75. EXCELLENT deal. I imagine a lot of my Christmas gifts will come from here.

Above are some photos of the market and the spice shop. The amazing taco at C Casa (Michelin Nodded Restaurant) and my cream puff as well! Please visit the website to purchase! A few of my favorites are as follows:

1. Organic Roasted Chicken Rub
2. Napa Valley Rub
3. Chipotle Honey Rub
4. Zhug Spice Blend
5. Turkey Brining Blend

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