Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Current Obsession: Dinner Party China

I'm currently really into dinner parties. Having friends over, having wine, a great meal and nice cup of tea to end the evening is just so delightful. I have been recently looking at some nice china to have a more authentic, adult dinner party. My boyfriend built this amazing rustic over-sized table and it's just a shame for me not to have great dinnerware to compliment. I have realized that when it says $200...I means for ONE place setting. What a blow. So I am still researching for a great bargain.

I started my hunt at Bloomingdale (basically my to go for everything and anything). They have this amazing dinnerware link where you can select a dinnerware and it will show you how it will look on a table. I just love it. However, before I commit to anything, I usually try to find the china I want elsewhere to make sure I am getting the best deal. Word of advice: paying retail is just stupid.

I am currently going back in forth with having a six place setting set, having one setting of the same design and switching it up with other different settings to get me to my six, or just buying random consignment place settings and have it look really cottage chic and rustic. The latter seems more along my price range right now but I thought I would post some amazing dinnerware selections in case any of you have a registry that needs to be filled.

Just a word of advice, my tastes maybe not be for everyone but I will try to be as eclectic as possible. I love a good white plate as it really makes any dish pop. If simplicity if your thing, add a nice gold or silver trim for that elegance you may be seeking. If you're in to color, mix and match, or use something floral. Newsflash, floral isn't "grandma like" anymore. Very in and very timeless. Most of these link to Bloomingdale but be sure to Google these elsewhere. There may be some sales and coupons you are missing out on.

Links to browse and purchase below:

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