Monday, October 13, 2014

Design Monday: Cubicle Decorating

I have been looking at a bunch of different ideas and ways to decorate my cube. I surfed Pinterest and Google and tried to mix and match various styles. I knew I wanted to have a white, gold and pink theme since I live with my boyfriend and I'm not allowed to decorate our home that way. (sad.. I know)

All in all, I had a bunch of the items and required quick trips to Michaels and Ikea to finish my decor Just a note: spray paint goes a long way!

I started this by buying one wooden crate and a wooden tray. I quickly spray painted those white and then repainted them with craft paint after the spray paint dried (the spray paint just didn't do the best job). I bought scrapbook paper and used wood glue to use as a backing for my crate and a lining for my tray. I ending up using a leopard piece of paper for my tray and glitter gold paper for my crate.  got the whole crate idea from an article I saw on Buzzfeed about decorating cubicles (hence my inspiration).

My mug was purchased at Anthropologie. The jars were purchased 60% off from Michaels. They ended up being about $5.00 for both the big and little jar. It originally had blue and green tops but I just ended spray painting those antique gold. I wanted to keep the gold color consistent throughout so everything matched accordingly.

The owl was also from Michaels (60% off) and cost maybe $4. The flowers were from IKEA and are in one of my empty Nest Candle Jar that I painted. The utensil holder is actually from an edible arrangement I received from a friend during my birthday. I took the gold spray paint and just went for it! I think it served its function well. The frames were from IKEA and I just found prints I liked online and printed them. A lot of the prints are Lily Pulitzer Patterns. You can really locate them through a quick google image search. The coasters were on sale for $3.95 at Anthropologie (still available) and all the candles were extra ones I had lying around my house (I got candle crazy at one point and had to replace them all to de-clutter).

Lastly, the book. I got these for $1 each when I went to my local antique consignment store on Saturday. They appear to be old law school textbooks that I took home and spray painted gold to heighten my phone (and to match my theme)

Well folks this is how I decorated my cube. It's pretty simple how a few key pieces and spray paint can do for decor purposes. It was actually very easy and cost me only $40-50 in total. On top of that, all these items can be re-used for other projects if need be. I am listing some links below to some of the items but most of these were just around my house or can be found during a quick trip to Michaels. I got these over the weekend, so I am sure a lot of these are still available.

Monogram Mug
Spray Paint

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