Friday, October 31, 2014

Fall Wreath - DIY

So I have been dying to buy a fall wreath but realized how expensive it is with shipping on Etsy. Instead, I decided to make one myself. I wouldn't say it was the best first attempt but I'm satisfied overall.


1 Grapevine wreath - I got mine from Amazon. It's much better quality than some of the craft store ones. Incredibly sturdy. You can find it here

2. A bouquet of fake flowers (one's where you can take the actual flowers off the stem)

3. Some extra floral arrangements (I used some vines, straw, etc... optional)

4. Bow - You can make yours following this tutorial I will admit, I had to get help from this bow expert at Michaels with mine. It takes a lot of practice and I just got frustrated. If you do have the time, I would recommend learning how to make a bow...It comes in very handy during the holidays with wrapping gifts.

5. Glue gun - You can get those at any craft stores but I am such an Amazon fan that I bought mine from there. It was also cheaper because it included the glue with it. You can find it here

You arrange your flowers with a glue gun to the wreath. You can tuck the vines, straw and extra stuff in the grapevines itself. Tie the bow on top to cover your wreath holder with floral wire.

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